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some fool drama queen

attn: hey all! i'm new to this comm and i love the idea of the_boyos. i wanted rec some slash stories with ioan and mattie, but i don't know if this is a slash-friendly comm. please let me know if you'd like me to delete this post, cos i will be more than willing to do so if it offends. thanks!!

i've been lucky enough to stumble across TWO great fics feautring ioan gruffudd & matthew rhys.

i can't even begin to explain how much I love this pairing. i've followed their carrers since jr. high and they hold a special 'lil place in me heart. if there were a fandom (let alone more than two fics that I knew of surrounding these two) this pairing would be an OTP for me.

anyway here are the fics:

a drabble
by: aleathiel
pairing: ioan gruffudd/matthew rhys
rating: g
archive: aleathiels_fics

by: traveller
pairing: ioan gruffudd/matthew rhys
rating: r

both these authors are very talented in their own right. in these iaon/matthew stories, they draw thin, bittersweet lines between friends and lovers and are able to weave the welsh language and expression into the writting fluidly. i'm so impressed. i encourage anyone to read these fics, despite the obscurity of the pairing, and also to search the authors' archives if you haven't already.
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